Our ICU's are overwhelmed. Stay home.

Local Doctors

Don't want to see you either. Unless of course your vaccinated

GOP No-Mask Solution

Easily confuse freedom with inconvenience

Providing GOP Party Members the Worst Possible Outcomes

Be First to Get Covid-19 Before Anyone Else

Bogus Medical Treatments

We'll show you the latest techniques including animal de-wormer treatments - after you make a donation

Non Existant Healthcare

Thats right. We have no idea what healthcare is but we're pretty sure its a priviledge in the USA

Important Guidance

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Dead Americans


Covid Cases to Date


Increase in Delta Variant

GOP Medical Specialists who offer Painless Wallet Extraction

We're always Looking for New Donors

Greg  Abbott

Greg Abbott

Voting Rights Abortionist

GOP Certified Critical Race Theory Pathologist

Ron Death Sentence DeSantis

Ron Death Sentence DeSantis

T-rump Wannabe

Ignores Constituants for a Fee

Individual Number One
Individual #1

Under Federal Investigation

What unvaccinated customers are saying about the GOP after donating



"It's really hard to breath"

Mike CEO & Founder

"You told me Clorox and lightbulbs would work. Hey!

Mitchell Financer
Julia Cloe

"I had my doubts about heart worm medicine for livestock, now I'm sure. See you in court!"

Julia Cloe Sales Manager

Stay updated with the latest GOP conspiracy by reading articles written by high school drop outs and felons.

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